Wednesday, February 16, 2011

repetitive art as therapy

A hundred lines repeated one following the other, sometimes one better than the other and some lighter more delicate with growing involvement, and some plain and just , but each drawn to take your mind away from this world of problems is a line in a definite direction. Patience , time and therapy are achieved in half an hour with just rewards of a calmer mind. A therapy well followed and built upon, reminds us that we yearn first for our inner peace and then for material gains. 
The latter , obliterates all manner of peace.In the many plans to secure our future we are unsure and unsteady.
Decisive action is not natural to many. Inaction is quite impossible. It is this specific moment of action that I study.To act almost at the point of thought creates the best results. A studied philosophy of the mind , helps eliminate contrived thought , creating pure understanding.
It is in this process that we apply line therapy. Lines , curves, pictures all drawn for the single purpose of finding yourself result in unusual creative output, breaking visual barriers and freeing cyclical thought process.
When we obsess over our problems, we go over them again and again. In repetitive art, the the mind gets a break from repetition , as it watches the hand repeat lines. By compensation the mind is freed of its burden and becoming light again.

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