Tuesday, February 15, 2011

taking your time

The stock market is not the most interesting subject to start with but its the one thats on my mind today. Im trading intraday and Id like to make the big leap to big numbers.
The biggest problem I face is buying at the right price.
Every morning I enter my buys at 8:45 and watch the market from 9:30.
Choosing one stock and following it is just as painful as choosing 4 stocks. The smiles come out when the market goes up and the worry lines start forming when the lines start moving slowly.
The thrill in making money is well compensated by the pain experienced in earning it.
Cutting losses is the best lesson I have learnt from trading.
You can earn back everything you loose, but u need to have a good intution and you need to find that steel in you.
Finding your courage and patience are two lessons so well learnt in the last few months, that Im beginnning to think that trading builds character. Trading has brought me face to face with reality , making me faster and intutive. I wish we were not cautined against trading soo much , the stigma of gambling and betting run very close to the stigma trading bears.
I am about to make my first loss in 3 months and Im waiting to take the call, every paise counts. I believe I will be wiser tomorrow.

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